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  • Everyone Loves you Until you Become Competition.

    Added Date - Mar 03, 2016

    Everyone Loves you Until you Become Competition.

    Everyone Loves you Until you Become Competition. When you are an unknown or no one feels like you are on their level it is easy for them to love you, but once you become competition you may be surprised at how fast and easy all that love can turn to animosity. People find it relatively easy to love someone who does not pose a threat in any way. Once an individual becomes competition these feelings can change in an instant though. Once others feel that they must compete with you then their thoughts and feelings towards you will no longer be as positive and they will see you less as a friend and more as someone that they must be on guard against. This is true no matter what the goal or end achievement is.

    It is easy to be friendly and feel love towards someone when they do not threaten what you are trying to achieve in any way. Even a life long best friend can turn against you in a heartbeat if you are both interested in the same romantic interest or the same job. Even siblings are not immune to this and will often feel less than loving towards each other when they are competing for parental attention or other resources in a home. True friends and those who honestly care about you will never let a little competition destroy the bond that has developed, and those who are not true friends or family should not matter. Be the best person that you can be and work hard towards your goals no matter who stops loving you because of this.

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