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  • Denying the truth doesn't change the facts.

    Added Date - Jul 19, 2016

    Denying the truth doesn't change the facts.

    Denying the truth doesn't change the facts, it just makes you look foolish and blind. When you deny the truth the facts will speak for themselves, and you will be like an ostrich with your head in the sand thinking that no one else can see the plain facts either. The facts are the facts, they are not open to interpretation like opinion is and they do not change as time goes by. If you are in a troubled relationship and your significant other is having an affair the fact that you could be exposed to certain diseases is not open to discussion, it is a fact. You can deny it all you like but then you would not be able to protect yourself and resolve the situation in the best way possible.

    Instead of trying to deny that the truth is what it is you are better off accepting the truth and then basing your decisions on it. Being in denial will not change anything and all it does is hold you back from your true potential. When you accept the facts as they are then you can deal with them accordingly and chart the best possible path forward. If you stay in denial then you can not plan for the future because you will not realize what it could hold for you, and you could miss out on some of the incredible opportunities that life offers when you see things clearly and you have your eyes wide open.

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Be strong, honey, don't give in. Blessings come with patience. Until we meet again, I'm praying for you.

Lyfe Jennings

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