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  • Be With Someone Who Brings Out the Best in You, Not the Stress in You.

    Added Date - Aug 15, 2016

    Be With Someone Who Brings Out the Best in You, Not the Stress in You quotes.

    It is always important to be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you. A relationship can make you a better person when it is with the right person. A bad relationship will cause you stress and could even shorten your life as a result. When you examine the relationship evaluate whether the person makes you better or worse, and whether you have more good times than bad. If your partner is constantly causing you to stress then this is a sign that they are not the right one for you and it would be better to move on. You deserve to be happy, not stressed out all the time because of the things that your partner says or does.

    A good relationship should be a partnership, with both of you doing what you can to make the other person happy and to make life easier on you both. Common courtesy, mutual respect and admiration, and a desire to protect your partner from anything that could hurt them are all things that make a relationship great. You should both be able to trust each other completely, knowing that you are a team that can not be divided. If you are in a relationship that causes you stress then it is time to accept that this is not meant to be, so that you can start looking for your perfect mate and finally find true happiness. If you continue in a bad relationship this will affect your mood and your health, and you will stay miserable until you do something about it.

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