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  • Be the type of man you'd want your daughter to be with.

    Added Date - Jan 11, 2015

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    If you want to be a man who is honorable and respected then be the type of man that you'd want your daughter to be with. Before you do anything negative towards someone ask yourself how you would feel if that someone was your daughter. This can help you be more respectful and remind you that a real man would never hurt or disrespect a female. Every man who has a daughter understands the fear that someday this beautiful little girl will be a grown woman and choose a man, and usually that man is someone who reminds the woman of her father. If you show compassion and respect towards women then your little girl will choose the same type of man for herself.

    When you strive to show the qualities that are important in her earlier years than these are the same qualities that your daughter will look for when she starts to date. If you are compassionate, patient, and loving then your potential son in law will be the same way. If your daughter was raised in a home where arguments and verbal abuse are common then these traits will also have an influence. Treat the women in your life the way that you want a man to treat your daughter and you will be giving her the best blueprint possible for her future husband. Teach by example, and show her how a woman should be treated her entire life. This will help your daughter make the best choices in men in her own life.

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