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  • Always remember, You Will Live, You Will Love, You Will Dance Again.

    Added Date - Oct 27, 2023

    Always remember, You Will Live, You Will Love, You Will Dance Again

    Always remember, You Will Live, You Will Love, You Will Dance Again. Jennifer Lopez is known for many things, acting, singing, an accomplished author and more. But as we can see from this quote, she is also someone who understands what it means to be human, and how it feels to fail. While she was mainly talking about a relationship here, it is a symbol for life in general, and how it offers endless chances to go again, whatever the issue.

    Failure of a relationship, a business, anything at all, can leave anyone struggling. The biggest downs of life, if someone you love goes away for instance, can leave you in darkness, unable to see any sign of light anymore. In those moments, it can be easy to give in, to believe that your chance at love, at happiness, at anything at all you really wanted, is simply gone. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


    What Lopez is telling you here is that you will find the light again. No matter how dire the situation seems, you are still there, you will recover, and you will be happy again. It’s a really important thing to remember too. Wherever you are in life, if things go wrong, there is always the opportunity to start again.


    Love is never the same twice, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a new, different love. If life has worn you down, don’t give in to it, you can rebuild and find the happiness that makes you want to dance again. Life is a series of opportunities, when one story ends, another can begin, we just have to remember that and grab those chances when we can.


    Sometimes it can seem like the world has ended, but it is just one chapter of your life. The next chapter is always waiting to be written.

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