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  • Always help someone,you might be the only one who does.

    Added Date - Feb 28, 2023

    Always help someone,you might be the only one who does.

    Help which also means assitance, refers to the act of providing aid for another. The quote "Always help someone, you might be the only person who does" talks about the importance of offering assistance and support to those in need, even when doing so may be uncomfortable or challenging. It serves as a reminder that by just lending a hand, we have the ability to make a good difference in someone's life. 


    Man generally is a social being, meaning that we need each other's assistance to survive. No matter the area of life you find yourself in, requiring help is an inevitable thing. Have in mind that rendering help is not always monetary, so whenever you find someone in need of your assistance, do not decline. But when you are incapble of doing it, politely say so because the table turns, and you might be in the position to be helped later.


    In conclusion, never hesitate to help people, your help can go a long way to saving a life, who knows, you might be the only one who can assist at the moment. So, you don't have to roughly push people away when they come to you for help. 

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