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  • A grateful heart is magnet for miracles.

    Added Date - Oct 11, 2021

    A grateful heart is magnet for miracles

    A grateful heart is magnet for miracles meaning when you appreciate whatever comes your way, more amazing things will definitely happen even beyond your expectation.  


    There’s a feeling that comes when life seems to favor you in whatever you do. However, there are stages in life when things appear not to go well, and you are frustrated, unhappy, and tired of life. But have you asked yourself why is your current situation like this? What are you doing wrong that others are doing right?  The reason is that you aren’t feeling grateful. The biggest challenge most people fail to overcome is how to find gratitude most especially when you aren’t grateful. The act of being thankful no matter the situation can turn things around beyond your expectation. But, how do you know if you are grateful? You may think it only when your friends or friend render help to you that’s when you should be grateful. But that’s not the only way. First, you have to accept whatever situation you are experiencing. Thereafter, write out things you are so grateful for. It can be anything. But immediately you can identify them and stick to that feeling of being grateful, lots of great things will come to your doorstep.

    So learn to be thankful. When you keep up to this act both alone or around people, life will be an interesting place that is full with lots of happiness and joy.  And everything you approach will just go well than usual.


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