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  • A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Added Date - Feb 19, 2017

    A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste quotes

    A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste. Physical beauty fades over time as you age but a beautiful mind will always be beautiful no matter how old you become or how many years you may live. When you love someone and your love is true you love that person for their mind, their personality, and their other positive attributes. Physical attraction is always there at the start of a relationship but over time this can deepen into something much more. Anyone who tries to put you down because they are threatened by your intelligence or who wants you to dumb your self down does not really care about you. If you have a beautiful mind do not waste it, and never let anyone change who you are. In the future your physical beauty will be gone but you will still have your mind as long as you stick to your guns and continue to challenge yourself mentally. Be proud of the mind that you were given, don't hide your mind under a barrel or downplay how smart you are for anyone else. If someone wants you to do this then kick them to the curb because they don't really care about you or your best interests.

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