Shaq buys wheelchair accessible home for a family of hospitalized boy, so that he can go home.

Added Date - Dec 10, 2019

There was a paralyzed boy who was stuck in the hospital, because his family didn’t have a wheelchair accessible home. Shaquille O’Neal heard of the struggle of this family, and he decided to help. To solve some of this family’s problems, Shaq bought them a brand-new home.


Isaiah Payton is a 12-year-old boy that lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He was leaving a high school football game, when gunshots erupted. A stray bullet struck this young man, and the injuries of the bullet resulted in paralysis from the neck down.


O’Neal was one of many residents of the community that was heartbroken over this situation. So, when he saw that he could help, he did. This family had been through so much already, that they needed something positive. A new home meant that Isaiah could finally come home.


Isaiah spent two months healing in the hospital from his gunshot injuries. Once he could be released, he couldn’t go home to his family’s one bedroom. There was no way that they could get the wheelchair into their home.


Shaq bought a home for this family in College Park, an area of Atlanta. Shaq also agreed to pay the rent of this home for the next year thanks to Papa John’s. Shaq is now a franchise owner of this pizza chain, and the Papa John’s CEO Rob Lynch agreed to help.


O’Neal will also provide furniture, TV’s, and other furnishings to help the family get on their feet. This community is really coming together to see that this family gets the help that they need.


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