Married Billionaire Tells Women to Stop Letting Men Play Games

Added Date - Jul 28, 2019

Mark has something that every man needs to hear.  “I don’t have an issue with spending $130.00 [on a date]. I purchased my wife a car, paid her tuition, and sent her money weekly BEFORE we were married. “He continued: “I have an issue with paying it and then she simply goes on to be with someone else.”


Stop dating and loving a man who barely even wants to buy you a bag of chips or a drink.

 Mark said, “I have an issue with playing with my money.  Each dollar is a working soldier I invest that brings interest and dividends.”


This is why I don’t believe men should date with frivolous intentions. If you playing, it’s on you. If she ain’t the one don’t lie to her and yourself. I knew I was marrying Marquitta the day I met her it just took a few MONTHS for me to ask.” ~ Mark Breedlove


Did you all feel the words that he is saying? This is exactly what women needs to hear, and men need to follow. If a man wants you, he knows the moment he meets you, don’t let him drag you down and play with your emotions and feelings, and lead you on, this is only breaking your heart. A man who is ready to step up and make a future that includes you in it, is the one you need to give your time too. So, ladies if he is not treating you right, kick him to the curb and find a man that is a king.


Love is easy, if you feel in your heart that they are they one, then make an effort with them, build a future and plan on marriage, beautiful things can happen. Ladies be a Goddess that takes care of a deserving God. Stop letting these loser men take half of your energy, and not get anything in return, because a King is different.


 Men, if you are ready for a Goddess, know how to treat her right, because she is the one that is going to supply you with all of your needs.



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