Internet In Awe of 8 Year Old Singing God Is By Kanye West

Added Date - Mar 29, 2020


An 8 year old in California has taken the internet by storm with her rendition of “God Is” by Kanye West. Maiya Huang, daughter of Christian and Cortney Huang, loves praising god through song. This is no surprise as both of Maiya's parents are Christians, and her father also loves to sing worship songs in praise of god. The pure voice and open joy that Maiya brings to the Kanye West cover song is profoundly moving.



Watching Maiya sing God Is is awe inspiring. The 8 year old adorably sings:



Watch her sing the worship song “Lord I Need You”.


“Everything that hath breath praise the Lord
Worship Christ with the best of your portions
I know I won’t forget all He’s done
He’s the strength in this race that I run.”


The response from Christians who have seen the video are overwhelmingly positive. According to one comment “God just totally did a ninja move all my heart! I listen to this song on repeat all day every day… and I have worked with youth for the last 17 years and to listen to this little Queen jam out to this song that has been filling my heart just messed me up!!! Thanks fams! Aaaaaaand…Thank you God!”



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