If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, You Hit The Marriage Jackpot.

Added Date - Jun 9, 2020


If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, You Hit The Marriage Jackpot


10 Signs You Married A True Keeper!


Marriage can be a wonderful relationship and a blessed union, and in a good marriage there is much to be thankful for. If your significant other does these 10 things for you then you know you have a keeper, and a relationship that can stand the test of time.



  • You are his priority. He makes sure you come first and is always in your corner, there when you need him. His word is as good as gold because he does not break promises or commitments to you. You know he has earned your trust and he never lets you down.



  • He works tirelessly to create a better life for both of you and the family unit. Whether he stays at home, works outside the home, or has some other arrangement you know he will be tireless in his efforts to make your life easier and better, and he is working towards the future that you share.



  • He is good to his mother and adores her. Since his mother was the first woman he developed a relationship with, and she helped mold the man that you love, how he treats his mom is an important tell. If he is loving, respectful, gentle, and kind then that is probably how he will treat you as well.



  • He tells AND shows you he loves you. Anyone can say I love you and then mistreat you, but if your man is a keeper he will tell you how much he loves you, and then show it with his actions as well.


  • He finds little ways to show he cares all the time. Maybe he surprises you with flowers, or he brings home tiramisu from your favorite Italian eatery just because he knows how much you like it. He looks for ways to brighten your day and remind you that he loves you on a regular basis.



  • He keeps the romance alive. This can be with date nights, flowers, a special trip, your favorite meal or treat, or even a long back rub or running you a bath when he knows you are tired and sore. He goes out of his way to make you feel special and loved.



  • He is your inspiration, motivation, and support system all in one. When you have someone who supports you, and who encourages and inspires you to be the best that you can be and to follow your dreams, then you will accomplish so much more. He is always in your corner with words of encouragement, or even a shoulder if you need it, and he will always want what is best for you.



  • He makes each day fun and exciting. Let's face it, adult life can be boring and mundane. If he is a keeper then he will make an effort to make each day special and fun. Maybe it is singing to you while you both wash dishes, or making you laugh with a funny dance while you are cleaning house together.



  • He is your anchor in the storm of life. When life gets hectic or you suffer disappointment is he the first one you want to contact? If he calms and soothes you, restoring your inner peace and holding you down then he really is your husband and best friend both.



  • He is quick to praise you. Everyone needs validation at times, and it is nice when the person whose opinion matters most in the world gives you positive feedback.


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