How to Know if a Person Truly Loves You

Added Date - Aug 23, 2016

Learning how to know if a person truly loves you is important. Words can be hollow, and someone may love you with all their heart but have a hard time saying it. Actions can be a more important sign of whether someone is in love with you, they do not have to tell you that they love you when they show it in their every thought and action. Some people will tell you that they love you when they don’t mean it so hearing the words is not a guarantee that you have found that one person who will put you above all others and take care to never hurt you.


Instead of focusing solely on words pay attention to how the person acts as well as what they say. Some ways to tell whether you are in a love relationship include:



What They Say Does Matter


While hearing I love you is not the ultimate priority you need to pay close attention to what the person says.


  • When you talk does the person assume that there is a future for the two of you? If the person already sees a future for you as a couple then it is safe to assume that they love you and want you in their life.


  • Does the person compliment you on a deeper level? Superficial compliments mean nothing because the person only says them to be polite, not because they really love you. If he says your dress is nice this doesn’t mean as much as if he says that just thinking about you makes him smile or that he loves your sense of humor.


  • Does he say I love you like he means it? If you get a casual I love you as they are walking out the door this means nothing. If he says I love you while staring into your eyes and holding your hand then the phrase is more meaningful.


  • What are your conversations like? If you only talk about small things and never cover the important topics like the future or plans together then he is probably not as into you as you hope.


Actions Speak Louder than Words


What the person does is extremely important. Look at the following to decide whether he is really in love or just playing you.


  • Does he miss you when you are apart? Look at whether he frequently calls or messages you because this will tell you whether he hates being away or if you are an afterthought.


  • Does he go out of his way to be there for you? If he is only there for you when it is convenient then it is not truly love.


  • Does he actually listen when you talk or does he tune you out? If he truly loves you then what you say is important and he will want to hear it.


  • Does he do things just to make your day or to see you smile? When people love each other they will go out of their way to show it and do nice things for no reason at all.


  • Does he try to spend as much time as possible with you? If it is really love then being apart is painful, and he will work hard to spend as much time together as you can.


How Does He Act When You are Together?


The way that a person acts when you are together can be very telling. Look at these factors to determine if his love is true.



  • Does he act natural or fake when he is around you? If he acts natural then it is probably the real deal. If he is fake or pretends to be someone or something that he is not then it is not actually love.


  • Do you make even the worst day better? If he lights up when he sees you even after a rough day this is a sign that he is truly in love with you. If seeing you doesn’t really make a difference then you are not really that important to him.


  • Does he mirror your emotions? If you are upset or angry and this makes him feel the same way then it is real love. If he could care less how you feel then it is not the real thing.


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