How Long Can You Love Someone Without Seeing Them?

Added Date - Nov 18, 2015

Modern romance today often means meeting online and going for an extended time without ever really seeing the person. Is it possible to feel true love for someone that you have never physically met though? In the beginning of any relationship what you feel is infatuation, and this is often confused with love by many people. Real love takes time to develop and grow into something special, but it is not necessary for you both to be in the same room or other physical space in order for this to happen. True love involves respect, compassion, and an emotional bond that is much deeper than just physical attraction. It is possible to get to know someone very well and fall in love with them even though you have never met in person.

Absence Can Make the Heart Grow Fonder or Destroy Love

When you really love someone and your love is true, not just a physical attraction or infatuation, then being apart and not seeing them for some time will not change how you feel. Love is not just turned off like a garden hose, and when you are apart from the one you love and you can not see them your feelings may grow stronger as a result. Many long distance relationships have been highly successful in spite of the fact that the people involved spend most of their time apart. On the flip side if you are never together and you go years without seeing each other this could cause your love to start to wither because you are never intimate. Some couples could last years without seeing each other and still be madly in love. For others even a few months apart could cause their feelings to diminish some.


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