How God Is Going to Fix Your Relationship Rut

Added Date - Sep 4, 2019

Have you ever felt like you we’re done with the whole relationship world because, you already knew that pattern? Meet someone, hit it off, think it’s potentially worth it, and then it’s over again.


You feel like there is no point in looking anymore because you feel like there is no one made for you. Your soulmate doesn’t exist in this life so just give up.


These are the perfect moments in life the learn about yourself. When life really tests you and you feel weak, KEExP GOING. You are a lot stronger than you think you ever could be, even at your weakest moment.


Do you have any idea on why you are capability of handling these situations like a pure boss? Because God is pushing you out of your comfort zone to reach that next level that you need to be on.


God already has a plan for you, even when it feels like you are stuck and it’s hard to see the faith. God has your future husband taken care of already. Your future husband is a hunk, and loves you unconditionally. But you have to be patient, live your life to the fullest. The key to unlock the life you want is God. So, stop worrying about stuff that he has already taken care off.


This guy will have every desire you know you want. He will be your soulmate, twin flame and other half.


The reason patience is so important is because this man is not going to come to you when you want it too. It’s going to happen when you are ready. You have to complete certain steps that only God knows about before he will bring this special person in to your life.


When he comes along everything will make sense up to this point, on why God put you through certain events to lead you right up to this precise moment.


You will learn why you had to go through all of those bad relationships, so you can appreciate this one.  You’re going to be appreciative over all the heartbreaks, all the cheaters and being ghosted.


You will be overcoming with gratefulness for everything that didn’t go your way, everything you didn’t get you wanted and that one person you lost that you thought you could never live without.


Every single obstacle and difficulty, you will understand the purpose on all the hurt you had to go through to grow as a better person.


So, don’t give up on love, have faith in God and his plan, because when he brings darkness in your life, the light that is awaiting is double the happiness. Most importantly have faith in yourself too.



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