Global News Discourages But God's News Uplifts!

Added Date - Apr 7, 2020


“Covid-19 reminds me of who god is. He has shut down the world like a small village and there is nothing that power or money can do. HE will reopen it when His time is right. How powerless man is. We live on borrowed time. Let's worship the Lord!?


Our Lord Jesus Christ was the busiest man who ever lived, but even with all of his merciful acts the primary business was praying to God. Luke 5:16 states "But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed."


Time for Prayer: For Jesus Christ praying was not an occasional habit or an activity that he engaged in sporadically, but a habit an an addiction to communing with our heavenly Father. How often do you make time for prayer? Do you pray frequently?



Isolation for Prayer: It is stated often that when Jesus Christ prayed he did so in solitude and chose lonely places to engage in prayer. Christ withdrew from everyone, even his closest family and followers, to talk alone with God. Do you prayer in isolation?


The Covid-19 quarantine is a divine opportunity, not just to spend much needed time with family and binge watch tv shows, but to get closer to God as well. This is a chance to cultivate better prayer practices and your spiritual life.



Don't just constantly scan the online news sites or stay glued to social media in order to stay up to date. Take time out to pray to God and hear God's Word. The global news is discouraging but God's news can be uplifting instead. As a friend I strongly urge you to take time each and every day to pray, and to encourage others to pray, as often as possible. Pray to Our Lord, the God who also created Covid-19.


Just like Jesus Christ did let us withdraw in solitude and isolation to engage in prayer, and to communicate closely with God.


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