Dayton Victim FaceTimes Love of Her Life for the Last Time

Added Date - Aug 6, 2019

Lois Oglesby, who goes by Lola, gave birth to her daughter only two months ago, before being shot in the head during the Dayton massacre.


Lola was only 27 years old when she facetimed her partner for the last time, minutes after getting shot in the head.


Her partner Daryl shared on Facebook the tragedy that happened to the love of his life.


Daryl said during the face time call Lola said, ‘Babe I just got shot in my head, I need to get to my kids.’


Daryl was blown away by how strong she was, Lola had just got shot in the head and still was able to call him and let him know her final words.


‘She was letting me know she loved me and to take care of these kids… I got you babe. I can’t stop crying.’


Lola had a newborn daughter and six-year-old daughter.


Before this tragic incident, Lola was going to school to become a nurse because she loved children. Lola was currently working at a children’s daycare.


Lola’s mother has set up a Facebook fundraiser with the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership, to help pay for the cost of the service and to help support her children.



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