9 Signs He Has Feelings For You Even If He Does Not Show It

Added Date - Sep 18, 2019

Men do not like to be open with their feelings, so this means that even if they do have feelings for you, they will hide it. Maybe it’s because they are worried about getting hurt, so they just avoid it all together.


So even if he doesn’t verbally tell you he wants you, there is body language and actions that will reveal what he thinks without saying any words.


  1. He looks at you special.


When he looks at you, it’s like you are the only two people in the room, and you feel sparks. Besides looking at you, the way he touches you makes you feel so important. He hugs you and kisses your forehead.


  1. He opens up to you.


He wants to know about you and your life, like asking about your day and what you did. But he also lets you know about him, he lets you know what he’s going through in life even if it’s good or bad. This means that you mean a lot to him.



  1. He stays in touch with you.


So many guys that you have talked through are not a part of your daily life, you talk to them every few days or so, but this man talks to you all day every day. This means that you are always on his mind, if he really cares about you, he is going to show it, a guy that doesn’t care about you isn’t going to make effort in messaging you back.


  1. He makes time for you.


You don’t have to beg him to hang out with you, he just shows up unexpectedly ready to see you. He always finds a way to hang out with you. Let’s be real if someone wants to spend time with you, they will make time no matter how crazy their life is. Even if you are just watching tv together you are having a good time it doesn’t matter what you are doing.


  1. He likes the little things.


He shows up at your door step with food just because he cares about you. He remembers all the stories and things that you say. This means that he pays attention to you.


  1. He goes in public with you.


He doesn’t hide you and only see you behind closed doors. You have met his friends and family, as introduces you to them. He interacts with you on social media, if he is hiding you from people then he is not the one.


  1. He has your back.


When you need someone by your side even in your dark times he is there. He supports you through everything, even when you are being a brat. If you get mad at him, he doesn’t just run away. If he is wrong in a situation, he is man enough to say sorry.


  1. He mentions you in his future.


He up events like a motive or concert that is months away and includes you in them. This is him making an effort that he wants you apart of his life.


If he shows all of these actions listen above he is crazy about you.


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