8 Ways to Make Your Man Stay in Love With You Forever

Added Date - Aug 1, 2019

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is the hard part. In the beginning it is a fairy tale, it is such a great experience learning about this special person in your life, that you want to spend all of your time with.


Although we love the fairytale time, things can change and the “honey moon phase” starts to kick in. At this time, it is time to put in some work if you want to stay with your honey forever. This means being the woman that he can’t live without.


  1. Stay cool, calm, and relaxed.

Ladies be your man’s peace, don’t let your emotions take over your mind and go crazy on him. Men don’t like drama and he will be more likely to distance himself from you.


  1. Showcase your intelligence.

Real men do not care about looks and what is on the outside, instead he wants to know what is inside of your brain. Just think about it, when you are sitting with your husband at 90 years old on the porch, you are going to need things to talk about.

He is going to keep coming back for more if he knows you are a brainy woman, he wants a woman that can help him grow as a person.


  1. Always be open and honest with him.

This is one of the biggest rules, you want your man to feel like he can trust you. Don’t let him feel insecure like you are hiding something from him. Your twin flame is a part of you, and he needs to know you are always telling him the truth because you are a team. Because would you honestly want him lying to you?


  1. Never be withholding of your love and care.

Ladies take care of your man, yes, he can take care of himself, but he wants to see the effort you make for him. This lets him know that you care for him.


  1. Respect his privacy.

Don’t ever go through his messages and phone without asking, and don’t push him to telling you something he is not comfortable with because this will just cause him to shut down.


If he tells you a secret, never share it with anyone. Keep your relationship secret because no one needs to know your business.


  1. Support him in his passions and pursuits.

Be his rock and support him, you have to be his number one. You need to be there to hold his hand when he is going through a hard time, so that he feels secure and knows you have his back no matter what.


  1. Give him a reason to laugh.

Life throws a lot of curve balls and it can cause stress on your relationship and you as an individual.  This is when it is important to give each other a reason to laugh as much as possible, so you can remember how great life really is. Let him feel comfortable around you at all times, especially the hard times.


8. Be romantic with him.

This is your man, show him how much you love him even if it is the little things. He may act like he is not in to that stuff, but he really is loving all of the love you are giving him and making him feel special. Show him unlimited affection, romance and love.


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