8 Types of People to Avoid When Building a Successful Future

Added Date - Jan 27, 2024

Does it really matter? Like, really, really matter? We know it matters when a kid hangs out with the wrong crowd. A lot. But does it really matter for you as an adult when you are working to build a successful future? Can your friends or colleagues stop you from following your dreams?


The answer is a resounding YES!


If you are serious about building a successful future (and I know you are!), it’s critical to deliberately choose who you spend time with and what you do. Whether you realize it or not, who you hang around with influences your motivation and decisions.


Who Do You Need to Avoid?


These are the 8 types of people to avoid when you are working to build your future success:


1.Dream Crushers


In seconds, a dream crusher says something so biting they dismiss your goals and dreams. Habitually projecting their own limitations onto your life, these dream crushers actively work to discourage you.


2.Glass Half Empty Pessimists


Watch for those who see glass as half-empty. They drain your motivation, optimism, and drive. Being surrounded by constant negativity hinders your creative thinking and problem-solving processes. All in all, hanging out with pessimists makes it almost impossible to overcome obstacles on your journey to a successful future.


3.Energy Vampires


Emotionally draining friends who thrive on drama will leave you exhausted. Needing to take time to recover from their company diverts your focus from what’s important to you. Uplifting and inspirational people help you instead of consistently draining your energy.





You understand how critical it is to take action every day as you move towards your dreams. Since procrastinators struggle with this, they want to delay your progress as you miss opportunities. To build a successful future, align yourself with other driven, proactive optimists working towards achieving their goals.


5.Jealous Competitors


Sure, healthy competition is motivational, but a jealous competitor actively undermines your success. Their attempts to undermine your achievements out of envy hinder your purpose and create a toxic environment.

6.Constant Complainers


Constant complainers love to tell you all about how bad everything is – in minute detail! But they never do anything constructive to fix their own situations. This negative atmosphere makes it difficult for you to focus on solving problems and moving ahead towards your successful future. 




Supertalkers just don’t listen. They don’t know what you’re doing, so although they may sound positive, they just blow hot air. Supertalkers mostly talk about themselves but likely have opinions on everything, even things that don’t help you towards your goals.



8.Inconsistent Supporters


One day, they offer support and encouragement as you move towards your goals. The next day, not so much. They may show any type of lack of support already listed or may shift back and forth between them. One thing you know for sure is that you never know what to expect. Avoiding people likely to undermine your journey to success is a key ingredient to moving ahead in your life. You can create a motivational, supportive environment to contribute to your successful future.

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