5 Way to Get the Girl With Her Guard Up

Added Date - Sep 4, 2019

When you met a girl who is perfect, but her last relationship was toxic, it’s likely that she is going to do everything in her power to stay away from a relationship in fear of reliving the trauma of a break up again. But as you start to get to know her better and gain her trust, you open the gate she has over her heart.


This girl has a lot of layers that you will need to go through, but if you feel like she is the one then every step of the way is going to be worth it. You will realize that her love and time are everything you could ever imagine in a woman.


But before you reach this level, you need to know coming in to this that she needs to be handled with care and be treated perfectly.


Here are the 5 rules you need to know if you want a girl who has a toxic ex.


  1. She has literally walked through hell and met the devil.


You need to realize that this girl has lived through a tremendous amount of pain and heartbreak. She is a stronger warrior, and the man she fell for left her in the dust which has changed her forever.


So, if you are a play boy, she will automatically see right through you so don’t even try it, you are just wasting your time.


  1. Her ex is an ex for a reason.


Never should you feel intimidated by her ex, chances are she will never want to look at him again, much less get back to him or talk to him again. This guy changed her so much that she is not the same person she was back then when they were together, she has grown and learned herself, and worth, and would never want to go beneath that.


Everything he made her live through is something she walked away from, and she never wants to experience that again after she has made it this far without him in her life.


  1. More trust issues than Drake.


It should be expected that you have to prove your worth and intentions before she will want to trust anything about you. Even if you act perfectly, she will still be doubting everything you do, and overthinking the situation. She will not expect anything from you, so she is already prepared in case you let her down.


  1. You will not be chased.


Say goodbye to a hard to get girl, because she already doesn’t want you. She doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t want to be in her life, so she is not going to play any games, she’s already had to deal with games and stress her past relationship.


She is not going to put all her effort in you, even if she does fall for you because she doesn’t want to get hurt. She already knows that she can live perfectly content without you in her life.


  1. A wall is guarding her heart.


A girl with an ugly relationship past will have her walls so high, it’s almost impossible to enter.  She is protecting herself from another heartbreak. When she thinks about love she feels pain, and is scared of the feeling of love.


She’s not going to come out and say that she loves you first. She is not going to even appear like she is in love with you. Until you are deserving, she will not share her true emotions with you. You need patience and energy to get this girl, but if she opens her gate to you, know that you are special to her.


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