5 Very Important Reasons That You Need to Have Self Love

Added Date - Sep 30, 2015

Self love is an important concept, and it is something that far too many people are missing in their lives. It is no secret that there is not enough love in the world, and part of the reason for this is that those who do not have self love can not have love for others either. When you lack self love you are generally more negative, and this negativity starts a vicious cycle which impacts everyone around you.



What is self love though? Does it mean being willing to sacrifice others in order to look out for #1? No! Does it mean thinking that you are the greatest thing in the world and no one else could possibly be as good as you? No, that is not self love either. Being puffed up at your own importance or arrogant is toxic, and these attributes don't have anything to do with self love either.


Real love, both love for yourself and love for others, involves positive emotions and is never negative in nature. Respect, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, these are attributes of actual love When you have self love you not only give these positive emotions to others but you also practice them on yourself as well. 5 very important reasons why you need to have self love include:


1. Self Love is a Confidence Builder


When you are confident you will be more successful in all areas of your life, and self love can be a real confidence booster. When you actually love yourself in a genuine way then you have learned to accept yourself flaws and all, and you are comfortable with yourself. This contributes to a natural confidence because you recognize your value and you don't worry about how others perceive you.


Self love also builds confidence because it helps you move forward in your life in a positive way. Confidence is a good reason to practice self love. True confidence will help you succeed in life, work, love, and even friendships.


2. Self Love Attracts True Love From Other People


If you do not really love yourself then you can not expect anyone else to truly love you either. If you are unable to practice self love then even if others want to love you this is not possible because you will push them away and resist their love. Eventually you may begin to feel like love will always elude you. The reality is that love is knocking but because you don't have self love you are unable to open the door. This is a destructive negative cycle that can only be stopped with self love.


When you have self love you have the ability to give real and genuine love, and also to receive this emotion as well. Self love increases the positive energy that you have. Positive energy attracts positive energy the same way that negativity attracts negativity.


3. Honesty is Also an Element of Self Love


Real love involves honesty, and true self love involves being honest with yourself even when this is not easy to do. Being honest with yourself allows you to grow and mature. This kind of honesty means admitting your flaws to yourself and acknowledging that you are not perfect, but it does not mean obsessing over mistakes or letting a flaw stand in the way of your success. Honesty and the ability to practice self love also allows you to work through any issues or problems that you have so that you make progress and work towards being a better person.


4. Self Love Allows You to Live a Happier, Healthier, and More Fulfilling Life


When you have self life every area of your life will be better, happier, and more fulfilling. Your life will have more peace, and you will experience more joy, because you accept yourself and love yourself . Because you have more positive energy this can help prevent any old negativity from creeping back into your life.


Self love will also keep you healthier. You will experience less stress in your life, and this means fewer chronic stress related conditions. The increase in energy that you will experience when you practice self love will also help you be more productive, which can also contribute to better health.



5. Self Love Offers Protection Because You Know Your True Value


People who do not have self love usually find themselves in toxic relationships time and time again, repeating old patterns because they do not understand the true value that they have. When you do not truly love yourself then you are willing to accept situations and behaviors which you do not deserve. Many people who put up with verbal or even physical abuse do so because they do not truly believe that they deserve better because they have no self love. 


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