2-Chainz Helps Family of 11 in Atlanta Being Evicted, Shows he is the Rapper with A Heart of Gold

Added Date - Jan 27, 2016

Rapper 2-Chainz showed that he was about more than just the music and the bling when he provided a lifeline to a family of 11 in Atlanta who were just days away from being evicted and ending up homeless on the street. The TRU Foundation was created by the rapper to give back to communities and to help people in need, and that is exactly what happened. The family in need included 9 children and two parents, and the children include two sets of twins. The home that the family was being evicted from was not a safe environment, with serious black mold problems, a lack of heat, and pests that were out of control.

On 2-Chains Facebook page the rapper posted about his act of kindness, stating “Around 2 months ago I got word that a local family with 11 members were about to be evicted from their current 2 bedroom home. The home they were living in was in a condition i wouldn't want anyone of my family members to have to stay in. The home had a bad pest problem, no heat and to top it the home had very bad black mold growing which was hurting a few of the family members who were already ill. I still remember days praying for blessings and now that I'm in a position to bless others I had to take action. My organization 'The TRU Foundation' and myself surprised the family with a new home with enough bedrooms for everyone to be comfortable. You never know where your blessing will come from just keep praying and the man above will answer ya digg?'

The family of 11 has really struggled in the last year. Two of the children have medical prblems that require constant care, and so does the father of the children. This can make holding down steady employment difficult if not impossible. The family will be able to live in the home rent free for a year so that they can get back on their feet. The new home has 5 bedrooms so that there is plenty of space for everyone thanks to the generosity that 2-Chainz has shown. This is one rapper who is definitely giving back after making it big.

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