12 Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

Added Date - Mar 16, 2022

Many people will agree that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. However, that is true, but today love or attraction develops beyond just beauty. Every man has his taste, and as a beautiful woman, it is essential you know what men would like in you apart from your beauty.


As a woman, you need to be aware that what may make you look attractive can differ from one man to another. You can be beautiful, but how many percent are you sure you are utilizing it or making your beauty radiate? When you know these basic tips, men will flock around you very often.


In this article, we are going to tell you the 12 important things that can help you know more about the masculine gender and how you can be attractive to them. So if you are in a relationship or about to date someone and want to stand out among other women, here are 12 things men surprisingly find attractive in women. So keep on reading!!!




You might be wondering what exactly does balance means? Balance is the ability to manage both your internal and external responsibility with love. However, this is very common to both genders. As a woman, you will not want to settle for a man who is not presentable or romantic. Likewise, a man. For a man, it is also an amazing achievement when you know your woman looks eye-catching with great personality and character.


In a good relationship, balance is very important. When a woman is a freak in the sheet, and also a lady in the street, a man will conclude that you are the right one that he can present to his family. Men want a woman who is a freak in the sheet only for him and not for everybody. In addition, she must have good dress sense and be able to present the right energy. When a woman is like that, a man will always be attracted to her as well as want more of her.




Confidence helps enhance beauty and makes a person look better. However, most women do not have much confidence. This is because most women do not believe they are sexy, pretty, and beautiful to the core.  As a woman, it is important to identify what is making you lose confidence in yourself before trying to rebrand your mindset and heal from any trauma causing your low self-esteem. For instance, imagine a basketball player who is a great shooter. If he shoots the ball and misses over 5 shots, he will gradually lose confidence, but when he tries to make some adjustments, that might eventually help him become a pure shooter again. Same also in women. When you can regain that confidence, men will always find you attractive.


In addition, learn to create a happy atmosphere for yourself. Try to work on things that will make you feel better and confident, such as evaluating your physical appearance (hairstyle, dressing).  Learn to combine how you feel with a confident look. Men will so much find you attractive and want to relate with you.


3. Feeling secure



Feeling secure about your partner is very important in a relationship. As a woman, always believe in your man rather than feel insecure. For instance, if a man works in an organization where he has to interact frequently with women, you need to understand and have confidence in him. Men believe that once a woman feels insecure about them or loses confidence, such a relationship will be a mess and might make life so frustrating.


As a woman, always know that ladies will also find your man attractive, and learn to build that sense of knowing the value of what you possess, understand, and embrace him for deciding to be with you.


4. Logical reasoning


Naturally, women are emotional beings and have a higher level of intuition. To be honest, men do not expect a woman to deny her natural state. Instead, she should be a master over her emotions and intuition. Most wreak havoc relationships most women find themselves in are caused by their emotions. They allowed their emotion to take over their decision leading to toxic energy in a relationship.


As a woman, learn to reason logically. Let your emotion be separated from your intuition. When in need of direction or wisdom, learn to calm yourself in order not to be led by fear and emotion. You can apply intuition but be the master controller. When men see a woman with this feature, it is a big plus. Men love it when a woman can reason well and control her emotions.  Therefore learn to balance both in order to bring peace, harmony, and serve other better purposes in life.


5.Sense of humor



A good relationship needs fun and jokes. As a woman, learn how to smile, lighten up, and laugh. Stop frowning or trying to look so tense. Men will not find you attractive if you do not like making jokes or laughing. To be an attractive woman, you need to be jovial and have positive energy. Men prefer a woman who will help relax stress and make them feel happy.


As a woman, not every issue has to be a big deal or transform into a big issue. Sometimes not every decision or situation has to be taken seriously or personally. At times, creating a friendly atmosphere during decision-making can be great.


Also, learn not to get offended quickly. As a woman, if you frequently have mood swings even with the slightest issue, men will not find you attractive and may not like to settle with a woman like you. Therefore, sometimes, try to be flexible, learn to understand certain situations to the best of your abilities, and be light-hearted. Men will highly find you very attractive.



6.Natural beauty


As earlier said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Although some people might say, not all men are attracted by beauty. Partially true, but have you seen a man who rejects a naturally beautiful lady? Whether you are naturally beautiful, might have undergone surgery to look beautiful, use makeup, or any other thing to enhance your beauty, some men will still find you attractive. But the fact still remains that natural beauty makes a woman very attractive to men. And as a woman, it is great to learn to fluent your beauty without the use of makeup.


If you are using any beauty enhancer, ensure it is not totally different from your natural look. Some women opt for face transformers instead of face enhancers. However, you cannot be on makeup every 24 hours each day, and we are not saying you shouldn’t go for them but imagine the impression a man would have when you wash off the makeup on your face, and you look entirely different? Men want a woman with natural looks, confidence, and good self-esteem. So, as a woman who wants to look attractive, ensure to work on your natural look and embrace it. Continue Reading Below..

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