You’re too beautiful to be self-harming yourself. It’s time to put down the things that are just bringing more pain to your life. Don’t let the hate that people give you cause you to hate yourself. Don’t let bullying separate you from the love of God. Don’t let broken relationships separate you from the love of God. God has an everlasting love that’s more POWERFUL than any hurt you can going through. God has an everlasting love that’s more POWERFUL than any depression that you can go through. His love is so powerful that even loneliness, rejection, or low-self esteem can’t survive. God sent His one and only begotten son to die for you. So you don’t have to turn cutting because you are more than conqueror through Christ who loves you. You don’t have to turn to drugs because God is closest to the broken hearted so He's going to rescue you when you're crushed in spirit. I know turning to those things seem like they’re drowning out the pain, but really all self-harm is doing is sinking you deeper in it. There’s no healing in cutting, only a temporary release. There’s no healing in giving your body away or using, only a temporary fulfillment. It's time to stop going back to these temporary things by choosing right now that you’re worth more. You’re worth more than the people who walked out of your life. You’re worth more than those people who talk about you. You’re worth more than those problems that are lying to you. You are worth more than anything that is trying to separate you from the love of God. I know it may be hard to do and hard to understand, but I need you to trust God’s plan not your pain. Don’t let your problems keep you in a season that God didn’t intend for you to be in. I’m praying that you close this chapter, so you can see there’s much more to your story than just the hurt you’re currently going through. You have have to create pain to feel alive. You’re worth more. Don’t you ever forget that!

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