You'd be surprised who doesn't speak to you, but speaks of you daily.

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  • nancy-ebrahim102

    So many people are bothered when they hear about someone who talks about them wrongly. Why should you be bothered, I feel sorry for them. They don't have enough exciting life that they need to waste their time in gossiping, because their own life is too boring for them to feed on it. So they see who they envy or who they hate and just talk about them. I pity them, because I would tell them"Get a life" and just move on, they don't even deserve your time or even thinking about them. Just move on and give importance to the ones that are truly there for you and just ignore the ones that backstabbing you or just ignorant about who you are. If they went that low, than don't lower yourself in their level just to try to get back at them. You are much better and your time and effort is too valuable to waste it with the ones that are just good in dragging people down.

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