Who else is serving a God that never fails.

Who else is serving a God that never fails? At times in your life you have probably prayed hard for something and had your prayers left unanswered, but why were they not fulfilled? It was not because god failed, he never does, it was because what you prayed for was not right for you at that point in time. Each of us has a master plan for our life that is designed by god, and what we want right now may not be what we need. If something is right for you and it aligns with this plan then your prayers will be answered but if it is wrong then God knows this and will not answer. God brings hope to mankind, and his presence in your life never fails to bring joy and peace at a time when both of these qualities are in short supply. When you worship the one true Lord then you have a god who never fails, and who always looks out for your best interests behind the scenes even when you think he may not be listening.

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