We all have wings to fly. Whether you are using them or not that's up to you. You may ask me "How do I know if I'm using my wings" And I will ask you; Are you achieving your goals that you have set, that you have written down, that you are focused on? Goals not only that relates to your personal needs and wants, but goals that is directly related to your neighbor. to a stranger, to future friends and family. When you start reaching your goals and dreams, you start feeling that you are flying and that you can no longer slither like a serpent, or crawl like a snail. And when you do start flying, you can fly in the sky or above the sky. God wants us to fly above, to fly in Space, to fly with others, and to fly to reach Him. Because we are created not like birds that we see on earth, but Spiritual Beings that can fly wherever God wants us to go and to whoever God wants us to help. The more you are helping others freely, with your heart and with God's strength and blessings, the more you will fly above the sky. And you may ask me what is the feeling that I will get when I start flying above the sky, and I will tell you it has no words that can describe it, because it is not from earth, but from the kingdom of God. God has amazing feelings that He will share with you when you start helping others and God has an amazing way to thank you for feeding and giving a hand to the ones that are in need. Once you experience those feelings with God there is no turning back, you can no longer fly in the sky, you just want to fly with God.

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