Please set great examples for your daughters & don't let them see you allow nonsense with your man! Teach them to know their worth.

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  • Heather

    It's not only the females that have to set a good example for your kids it's also the man that need to also.The way that kids grows up it has a lot to do with their up bringing. Males also pay close attention to their mothers. And how she carries herself and what she takes or won't take off of anyone. The bottom line is whatever we do it reflects back off on our kids it ain't what u do in front of your kids its how u do it. Because u will never know if that kid will fallow in your footsteps or not.

  • Beatzonlock

    All she want is someone to love her understand and emotionally touch her late at night she cry under the pillow cover. I think she some time forget God has her cover.

  • Cherry

    It should be the same with men. Men should set a good example for their sons, like seriously who wants to have a druggie/dealer, alcoholic, abusive(verbally and physically) or simply callus father? No one.

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