Most people don't know how to love.It's more than a word, there has to be real meaning to it! Most love is actually LUST

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  • Heather

    It's like you feel the love for your kids & family.. But how do you tell love from lust when it comes to your significant other.. I feel lile its the moments when your cuddling laughing truly wanting to be around that person even without sex. Feeling what they feel & being so close mentally you know what they are thinking even when your miles apart. Sometimes its only one sided but when you truly "love" someone it becomes more than their looks and their body shape it becomes a mental and emotional bond that no one should be able to break. People confuse sex with love way too often. Sex is a part of a relationship but it don't make up the whole thing.

  • Cherry

    True love is when you and the other feel as one. They are the center of your universe...all you think about every second of the day!!..and they make you feel like you are there world...that's when you know you are truly love..unconditional true love!!..words are meaningless..anyone can open there mouth and say i love you!!..that don't make it true!!..showing is the only way to prove love..don't tell em...show em!!

  • Cherry

    I love everything about the man I'm with. I still get butterflies. I still get nervous, and giggly. Still have a crush. He's super sexy, and I find out something new everyday. He keeps me on my toes. Maybe it's lust. Maybe it's the thrill, but I wouldn't change one bit.

  • rumapaul

    Some people think that Loving someone isn't whats going on. Everybody wants more than one female or male! But in all reality being wit someone that u can trust, that's your friend, sharing your ups and downs, and won't hesitate to hold them down...no matter what!!!! I can b with that man for the rest of my life!!!!! And I am. There is lust everywhere, but when u get tired of the same ol shit! Ur gonna be just settling, and not settling with the one u wanna b with.

  • rumapaul

    i think love doesn't have the same value to everyone... sadly some have no idea when they say it... love is exposing yourself, surrendering all to them, loyalty , patience, forgiveness, when you would never hurt their heart, so many more things that most aren't ready to give up or give into.. and doesn't mean the other person will do the same..its a chance you take and only a few will find the one that will love in return... lucky asses!!

  • Beatzonlock

    So true. There are different levels of love and more often than none when we think we're in love it's actually lust. Love doesn't hurt and where there is love there is peace. Love can overcome it all...true and real love that is.

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