Love isn't suppose to hurt, So if you're constantly worrying, crying, & stressing.You need to move on.

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  • larissaruppn62

    Love is to encourage each other, build one another up for better, to find ur other half in life. Real love is felt not said every chance they can try prove it.

  • maybradoned2

    I left and stayed gone, felt weak at times, but it was the best thing I ever did.. Love does hurt, I still love that man but will never go back to that hurt.. I'm good being friends.

  • erinthomaszd85

    Not necessarily true! When your with someone, yeah they are going to hurt your feelings at times and make you cry. In truth where you THINK you are right in certain circumstances you are completely wrong. It is better someone who loves and cares for you tells you the truth. Plus, think about those who are in armed forces and their spouses/gf/bf have to think positive and they love their person everyday. Plus keep things going at home...Food for thought.

  • Cherry

    That's not true.! Love hurts.! If you really love somebody, you'll do anything for them, & that may cause you pain or worry. Trust me I know, I've been in love with this kid for about 4-5 months now & I've been thru a ton of pain. So.

  • Heather

    Yes so true but sometimes when u keep waiting u still getting hurt it's better to move on and it's going to hurt but is gonna be much better then be suffering the pain that me person don't love u.

  • lisanixons39

    I agree. It's like they say, no relationship is perfect. There will be disagreements & arguments but that's where communication comes in.

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