It doesn't matter where you come from, which family you were born from, who are the people that are surrounding you, where do you live, what is your financial situation, you can be in the desert, by yourself completely with little water and little sun, and still you can bloom like a nice beautiful flower. In other words what matters is you. Your beliefs, your dreams, your goals, you as a person, that's what really matters for God. You are going to ask me, "its's not enough me, who am I to be successful like the ones that I look up to. I can never be like that singer, or that inspirational coach, or like that real estate guru." And I will tell you:" you can be whoever you want to be. You are in a form of a seed, and the ones that inspires you and are successful are already in a form of a flower. They were looking like you, like a simple small seed easy to crash and easy to loose, but they did the actions, and they believed in their dreams, and if you look where they come from...a lot of them were from the bottom..just like you. You can choose to do the work and follow the steps they did to become a beautiful flower, and be successful or you can choose to not do anything and not believe in your dreams and be that seed that will never grow; stay in the dirt and maybe lost forever. It's your life, you have to own it, you have to look into your heart see what is it longing for, listen to that inside voice that is telling you what are the next steps to achieve your small and big goals. And feed it, feed that seed of your dreams, give it the water and the sun it needs. If you are lucky you will have friends and family to support you, but if you are in the desert and you don't feel anyone will understand your dreams then information is out there now to grab what you need and self-learn, you can go to seminars, take classes, make connections..there are so many open doors you just got to make the decision to enter in them. Also, change your beliefs, make them positive, hopeful and strong, have faith that God is standing next to you when no one else is, and have faith that He will pour the water and give you what you need if he sees your doing the work. Whatever excuses you are giving yourself not to follow your dreams, is just a wall that you put around yourself and this attitude will never set you free. Break free, work on yourself, follow the ones that inspires you, do what they did, a lot of times you don't need to reinvent the wheel, you only need to start; making the decisions that one day you will become a flower and that you will start today doing the first step toward it.

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