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If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy.

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  • jackmosley

    True people are hard to come by. Everyone is into themselves. Its very rare that you will find a true and unselfish person who thinks more about the other person than themselves.

  • King Lewis

    If you would just wait for the one worth it all.. The one you fight all the way to. The one that scares the shit out of you.. The one who makes you a better person just by her proximity to you.. And if you win her for yourself.. You won't wander, No other woman will hold a candle. But too many chumps treat women like goals/achievements. Treat them with respect and don't bite at just any hooked worm that drifts into your path.And if he cheats? Never go back. You deserve 100%. No matter how much you miss him, or how sorry he is. It'll never be the same. You deserve better. Remember that.

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