If he misses you, he would tell you. If he wants you, he will say it. And if he actually cares he will show it.

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  • Heather

    As women, we can anticipate and read body language for answers but we cannot read minds. Just tell how you feel. If we feel the same, we'll say it. If we don't, take the loss as a win because there are more fish in the sea. Men were purposed to be the initiators. Be the man. If you can't be the man, someone else can. Initiate so we know it's real.

  • mehedhasan007

    Sometimes its hard for guys to show their feelings, especially if they've been hurt in the past. They're scared to open up & share because in the past they've been let down.

  • Cherry

    I was once told that psychologically speaking men hold on to their emotions longer and have a more difficult time letting go of emotions or situations. So let's say for example, you hurt him. Not out of intention but it still happened bc we are human and make mistakes. Even though he feels all of these things deeply he may not necessarily show them bc he is holding on to that hurt in his mind. And he is afraid if he shows you these things then he will only be hurt again. Even more deeply maybe. Look people...things are not always what they seem. And hardly anything is applicable 100% of the time.

  • Cherry

    So true. If someone truly loves you, they would stop at nothing to give you the best, make you feel your best and show you their best. If they don't then, It just makes you feel unloved, forgotten and alone. If they can't show you any affection together and apart, they don't mean what they say... at all. They never loved u. They never cared about you. Nothing.

  • Heather

    Yea but when his actions shows you different then whut? Mine screams nothings changed but yet it's like i have to make an appointment to spend time with me or buy his love I'm at the point of letting go,why fight for something when he isn't meeting me half way what does one do?

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