I am not desperate for a relationship but I miss having someone to make me smile and make me feel appreciated. Someone that will make calling or texting the first and last thing they do everyday. Someone that looks past my flaws yet embraces and loves all of me. I miss it but I’m okay single, patiently waiting for God to provide me with someone like that again in His time!

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  • esthergopperu4

    Exactly! I do miss being in that kind of relationship. But i will not settle for just anyone. I would rather be single and lonely than in a relationship and lonely. Patiently waiting for God to bring that special someone into my life!

  • Cherry

    Love hurts unfortunately. When you find the right one that accepts all of your flaws and still loves you unconditionally, that's when you know you have the right one. Till then we all must wait. God bless

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