Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience & two people who truly want to be together.

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  • King Lewis

    I believe people have this facade in there head that relationships are this easy thing because of movies and social media. They take work. Obviously if it brings out the stress in you and not the best in you, then it's time to leave. And don't you fucking think of going back either. There isn't just ONE person out there for you no matter how "special" it was to you, And it's supposed to be hard to move on.. So toughen up and enjoy the ride, because at the end you'll become stronger than ever.

  • drakeovowisdom95

    True but everyone is so focused on themselves today they miss the simple things that make a good relationship and never make it to the more important things that build a lasting foundation for that good relationship.

  • irisweberxp85

    For sure its damn tough,show me love and i will show you how to become the best that can ever be! its all about being yourself and believing in what you two share! Nomatter what,always stick to one another and talk to each other,hold each other's hands and never let go,be real and just LOVE! You'll see,it really works! coming from the single heart but with lots of experiences!

  • latrice-guinyard806

    Life is full of changes tied in one knot. Take advantage and live life with no regrets because tomorrow isn't promise. :) With God all things are possible.

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