Everything will get worse before it gets better, but when it does get better, remember who put you down and who helped you up

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  • Cherry

    We should always be thankful for those who helped you to get one step closer to your goals, but sometimes when you give to someone, you don't necessarily get back from the same person, but from someone else. So we shouldn't be disappointed if we don't get the same favor from the ones that we helped...No matter what, what goes around comes around.

  • Beatzonlock

    True! If your "friends" or even "family" aren't there for you when you need them the most when you're down. Than cut them off

  • King Lewis

    It's crazy because the people you think will be there are most likely the first ones to go when you really need them there!!and the people you think wouldn't give a shit about you are the first ones to call and be there for you its just hard to trust anyone now a days because you can think you know someone when in reality you don't know shit about them!!!!

  • drakeovowisdom95

    So very true,this is one of the harsh lessons in life,there will always be sunshine after the storm,as for those that put you down,in times of trouble you will always fined your TRUE friend's, that will walk beside you no matter what,they are the beautiful souls in your life,your parents, family and TRUE friends,just to name a few.

  • Mehedi Hasan

    That's right never forget where u came from . And never forget what u went through to get to where your at today . Never forget who was there by your side as u were making it. Meaning this person has been there through all of your UPS and downs. If u have someone like that in your life hold tight to that person because that's a true friend. Good people is hard to come by.

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