Don't think it's easy to accomplish your dreams, to be on top of your mountain. If it was easy everyone would be there, many loose track, many give up, and many don't want to do the work to get there. Your dreams: your unbelievable visions are on the other side of that wall..it is breakable but you have to have the right tools and the right actions to break it and to set yourself free from your reality and step into the realm of your dreams. What are the right tools? Well it's first of all who you need to become to start doing the actions.The way you think will lead to your actions, the way you are will lead you to your actions, the way you feel will lead you to your actions. Work on yourself, you are the greatest tool to get to your dreams. Another tool is knowledge about your passion, so for example if you want to be a Professional Photographer, than you need to develop the skills of taking great pictures, learn everything about it and start doing it until you become perfect in it, its not how much you advertise that will get you successful it's how good you are in what you do. And of course you can be the greatest but if you don't show your work and network than you will be like a treasure in the ocean and you don't want that. You want people to know who you are and what you have to offer. So there are many steps, and many things you need to do before you start seeing results and all this may have to be done next to a regular job that you have, and its even harder if you have a family also to take care of. But everything is possible with God's help..because you are trying to break that wall... one day God will start breaking it with you..and it will get easier and one day you will be able to leave that job that has served it's purpose and no longer is. And you will be able to just do what you always love to do and become an inspirational to others. Are you willing to do the work and to sacrifice to get to your dreams?

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