Don't blame people for disappointing you. Blame yourself for expecting too much.

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  • Heather

    No..most people are WORTHY and deserve to be treated of their value. Some can care and be a good person but someone fucks them over..or disappoint You when You think high of them. Just gotta find someone whose worth it It's good to respect Yourself and value Yourself..also have Your own level of expectation

  • Mehedi Hasan

    Depends on if they make a promise to it. Plus, crap happens all the time and people need to stop counting who disappointed whom. If they aren't capable of doing something then, either stay friends or whatever you are to them or set them free..The End!

  • RizzWick

    No. You should expect it automatically because then people won't feel so comfortable being fake with you. Then if you make sure you earn your respect then they feel obligated to keep your respect. Then it's 50/50 on both sides. No one feels inferior because it's mutual.

  • Cherry

    I give my all and in return I expect the same. But if your talking about don't expect much from your man . Wrong !! Its not a ladies in place to go out of the way to impress him , Its his place to go out of his place to impress her. ( laws of nature)

  • Cherry

    Its hard not to expect to get back same respect u give....what ever happened to loyalty??? why must everyone be so damn cut throat....it is disappointing to not find people who can be caring

  • King Lewis

    I don't think it has anything to do with "expecting" too much. We are groomed throughout our loves to expect the best for ourselves and our families. But there's a thin line between that and being realistic.

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