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Don't be the girl who needs a man be the girl a man needs.

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  • King Lewis

    There is this saying: I don't need you but I want you.. there is a difference between need and want. Want is a desire. Need is a extremely necessary.

  • judydunnx5

    I want to be the girl who need a man to love me and only me. Not a girl who need to coach a man to push him to love me to get him to accept me. No woman should go through the workout getting a man to love you when he doesn't want you and doesn't love you. Get a man who will accept and love you as long as you give your attention to that man he will see that you care for him. But if he is distracted by other women and gives less attention to you, then he was never interested in you from start.

  • emilyditkam2

    I aim to be the woman who doesn't need a man and I might meet a man who doesn't need a woman, but either way I'm not a fan of co-dependency.

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