Being a REAL PARENT is a full-time job not just some weekend visits or a check! REAL PARENTS want to and do take care of their kids without a court order forcing them to! Paying child support doesn’t make you a parent! Children need guidance, quality time, love and affection every step of the way in being raised having BOTH PARENTS in their life!

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  • King Lewis

    I hate seeing people always bashing just the fathers, I know plenty of dead beat mothers who don't deserve their children. It's not just the dads, it's a two way street people.

  • sherrygateslt6

    Agree well said!! Paying child support isn't being a parent that is right! Physically taking care of your kids an being there for them an spending time with them is being a parent my pos just throws money at me every month an calls him self a parent Mmm check again hunny paying money doesn't mean your a good parent!!!

  • myers-elizabethanne1196

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