At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in you heart but not in your life

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  • GasMan

    Yes but it's hard really hard especially if that person was your only happiness. It hurts a human being, cause we all have emotions, feelings. Feelings that can't be replaced. People say you get better in time but what if you don't? Sometimes you just wonder and wonder for days, years... You pretend that your somewhere you want to be. Your mind Is all in different places can't even focus straight. Crying and crying it's very hard to let go. Especially the memories will kill you. It's just hard...

  • Cherry

    They can have a place in your heart cause they made an impact but they can be removed out your life cause they served that sole purpose for that impact and now it's time for them to leave

  • Beatzonlock

    That's so true, some are only for a season and a certain reason. You live and you learn. Some are just not meant to be they will always be a part of you but not in your life . They could be there for lust ,money or like they say misery loves company.

  • drakeovowisdom95

    No, they can't stay in your heart if they bring you pain. Once you decide to remove them from your life you need to try to remove them from your heart as well. It's hard but possible, besides you'd be miserable keeping them somewhere they don't belong.

  • King Lewis

    That is .... Right and wrong , because in life have difference people maybe... they are not thinking that kind ... That is your opinion ... But i say if people can stay in our heart they can stay in our life .... I hope every body thinking this kind ... If we want , we can help every body ... We should help , because we are human .

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