Any fool can be a father but it takes A real man to be A daddy!

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  • nancy-ebrahim102

    I agree. What is really to be a daddy? A father is someone who is there for his child. Who knows how to listen not just hear his child. A real man will love his child unconditionally, not only when the child is obeying but even when the child is disobeying. A father is someone who disciplines his child and still knows how to express his love to that child. A father is someone who spends quality time with his child. The important thing is to always reevaluate if you are being a real daddy to your child, and always try to improve. No one said it's an easy responsibility but its a very rewarding experience to have a child that loves you no matter how you will behave toward him. Don't abuse that relationship and cherish it because you never know if you will have another day with your child.

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