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Alcohol is a common denominator in many stupid decisions and actions, and the person drinking does not seem to realize that their intelligence goes down as their blood alcohol level goes up. This substance can be very harmful and many die each year from alcohol poisoning, yet this beverage is often provided at numerous parties and other events on a daily basis. If not treated alcohol dependency and addiction can lead to many medical conditions and health problems, and there are also criminal considerations as well. Drinking and driving is a serious concern and this crime kills many innocent people every year on the roads in the USA. Prohibition did not work but neither does the current system of allowing the individual to drink and drive repeatedly. According to the law if you voluntarily become intoxicated then this condition is no excuse, because everyone knows that drinking alcohol leads to poor decision making skills. Before you have a drink and then drive or perform other dangerous actions think twice, the life that you save may be your own as well as others.

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