A man who knows his worth, values it, & respects himself DOESN'T sleep with a lot of women.

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  • King Lewis

    Sex is easy. There's no investment in the other person, just selfish gains. Building a relationship that involves character, respect, intimacy and real love takes time, understanding and effort. Most just want a quick fix, and are on their way. Not enough people respect themselves, or others, to build a relationship before getting naked.

  • drakeovowisdom95

    I don't agree at all... I think it applies to women but not men, we are programmed and designed to pass on our genes... Therefore we have to have sex, there's no limit or per-designated number of women we should or should not try and screw therefore passing on our genes.

  • GasMan

    True but I think that Men that try to boost their ego when it comes to their sex life are either afraid of commitment or their to egotistical and to proud to admit that they really want a woman that loves them for who they are and not who they pretend to be Men just need to stop letting their ego get in the way off what they really want and they need to swallow their ego cause at the end off the day what a man really wants is to fall in love and feel that special feeling with a special woman that will make him feel the same way he makes her feel so fellas just let it go

  • RizzWick

    Men who sleep around got a low self esteem trying 2 boost their ego by the ever increasing number of women they sleep with.they usually sleep and tell for what reason!?so everyone thinks he's a hit with gals.if he knew his worth,valued it and respected himself he wouldn't be trying prove a point that ain't even there!

  • Mehedi Hasan

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE....and this is vice-versa as well. I was once promiscuous in my younger days, only to be single now. Looking back like WTF you do that for or just being too drunk and dumb/numb to it all. Sex w/multiple people, to me, is just a temporary pleasure that will soon fade away and also comes w/consequences. You may feel good at the moment, but that crap gets super OLD. There's nothing like being w/the 1 and ONLY.....or at least that's what I long for!!!!!

  • nancy-ebrahim102

    Sex can be an amazing experience when man and woman are respectful and understand each other. I don't think we should label the experience. I think it should be done for good intention. Whether both want only for one night or they want a more serious relationship as long as both parties agreed. That way there is no hypocrisy and disappointment and false expectations. Now a woman as much as a man are open to their sexuality and some women only want one night stand and men also. Bottom line as long as their is open communication for their sexual experience than it can be an amazing experience. I do agree that man and woman should not just have sex to number their experiences and brag about it. Because it's an intimate experience and beautiful one to be treated as something that you just had and feeding your ego because of it.

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