A beautiful woman will attract many guys, but she wants the RIGHT guy. The type of man who will seek her heart & not her beauty.

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  • Heather

    Pretty looks isn't all and when its a persons time to love or to meet the right one sooner or later the right one will come along . there's somebody for everybody out there somewhere waiting to be found or waiting on the right one to come along. wait for love and your going to get your chance to love wait for love..god has a plan for all of us .he has something in store for all of us. our time is coming just wait on the lord he knows whats right for us. its better to have loved once then to never have loved at all. believe that.

  • Beatzonlock

    Yes we need to learn to speak up when it's right there at our fingertips. Sometimes I think to myself that I wish i had a shirt that says i am single and I am looking for a good woman.

  • King Lewis

    Definitely true, but that doesn't go for every beautiful woman. I'd argue.. some don't know what they want. A bad boy.. or a faithful guy. You cant have both. And vice versa for us guys as well.

  • Cherry

    So that means she trying to take her time and make the wise choice . Problem is most people see that as her being a stuck up b; +CH. and that's not what's happening . Its hard being a very attractive women other women hate you and talk about you and the men won't you but rush . And a smart woman wants to go slow.

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