Hi My Name is: Ruufas!

Gender : Male
Age: :
Country : South Africa
State : Limpopo
City : Messina
About me    
Ruufas Money, born in PTA, SA on April 24, 1997 as Cornelious Ndhou, is a writer from South Africa. When he was only 14 years old Money started to write Quotes of popular lifestyle, capturing his lifestyle pictures and uploading them on social medias starting in 2011. In 2009 Money's mother moved him to JHB, Soweto in the hopes of gaining a fresh start. Ruufas was inspired to write after seeing Lauryn Hill's Novels in the popular movie Sister Act 2. There are many famous quotes from this author which can be searched and the Look Up Quotes website makes the searching easy. The early life of Ruufas Money was not easy, and he found plenty of material for his quotations in his tough childhood. In spite of the hardships that the young man had Money did not let this hold him back from his dreams. If you want inspiration or courage from Ruufas Money quotes from songs you can find them at Lookupquotes.com.
Hobbies : Watching TV and Swimming

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