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State : Gisborne
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Us President Donald trump confirmed that in 2018 he personally authorized a hacker attack on the Russian Internet research Agency, having received us intelligence data on the Kremlin's interference in the us presidential election. The cyberattack was carried out on the Russian Internet research Agency, also known as the Troll factory. According to The Washington Post, trump, who gave an interview to this publication a few days earlier, in response to a question whether he authorized the attack, said: "Right." According to trump, his predecessor, Barack Obama, "even before the election, knew about the manipulation of Russia", but did nothing, hoping that the presidential election will be won by the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The us President noted that his order for a cyberattack against the Agency was based on intelligence provided to him about Russian interference in the election. "We stopped it," trump said. A hacker attack by the United States on the "Troll factory" was reported in February 2019, but there was no official confirmation of this until today. According to trump, the cyberattack was only one of the elements of the us authorities ' policy towards Russia. "No one is more tough on Russia than I am," the President said. He took the list of actions aimed at countering Russia's supply of arms to Ukraine, turning the US into a "state number one in oil production", and also repeated criticism of the pipeline "Nord stream - 2". The Internet research Agency from Saint Petersburg, also known as the Troll factory, is considered one of the companies that influence public opinion on social networks in the interests of the Kremlin. The firm is associated with the structures of Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as"Putin's cook". The Agency is accused of creating fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube channels that spread propaganda and misinformation to manipulate public opinion, in addition, political ads aimed at misleading American voters were placed on the same platforms. Russian authorities have repeatedly denied meddling in the 2016 us presidential election. The investigation by us special Prosecutor Robert Mueller into alleged Russian interference was completed in March 2019. The special Prosecutor revealed attempts by representatives of the Russian Federation to interfere in the election race, but could not prove collusion of the trump campaign staff with the Russian authorities. According to us intelligence, Russia has begun to interfere in the upcoming us presidential election, scheduled for November 2020. As the New York Times wrote, the intelligence service warned the house of representatives (the lower house of Congress) that Moscow intends to achieve the re-election of US President Donald trump. Intelligence agencies believe that Russia does not conduct a campaign of disinformation directly, but "forces the Americans" to spread it themselves. In turn, The Washington Post, citing other sources, wrote that Russia is allegedly trying to help another candidate for the us Democratic party nomination - Bernie Sanders, who has already dropped out of the presidential race. Read more: http://www.association-manoirducrime.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=3014213#p3014213 http://fan.fc-anji.ru/blogs/blog/guest/24328.html http://niubi.gg/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=361402&extra= http://forumjuara.com/threads/336483-payday-loans-in-Georgia-online?p=497186#post497186 http://forumjuara.com/threads/336318-payday-loans-in-Texas?p=497009#post497009
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