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  • When you're trying to motivate yourself appreciate the fact that you're even thinking about making a change. And as you move forward allow yourself to be good enough.

    Added Date - Jan 23, 2016

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    Change comes from motivation and effort, but finding motivation is not always easy for many people. If you are trying to get motivated to make a positive change in your life a big step forward is acknowledging that you are making an effort to change for the better. You also need to be appreciative of the fact that you are willing to change and are even thinking about this as a real possibility. For many of us there will be set backs, and these can lead to feelings of disappointment or even feelings that you are not good enough to reach your goals because you have slipped up somehow. As you are moving forward towards the positive changes that you want to make and building motivation it is very important that you allow yourself to be good enough to succeed, without letting negative thoughts and emotions hold you back.

    Every one of us is capable of amazing things and profound changes in our lives when we have the necessary motivation and we want to change for the right reasons. Believe in yourself, and realize that you are very capable of achieving your goals as long as you are motivated. Don't beat yourself up if everything does not go perfectly the first time around. Just the fact that you are thinking about making changes which are positive in your life means that you have the motivation. Avoid getting in your own way by letting negative self judgments and emotions derail your attempts to change. When these thoughts and emotions start remind yourself that you are good enough to reach any goals that you have set.

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