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  • True love. We hear about it often and sometimes we are in a relationship and we wonder if we found true love or not. Well true love is no matter how you feel, no matter what you are going through and no matter how you look the other person loves you and is always standing by your side. When you find true love, you don't feel alone anymore, because your other half just understands you from within and is so connected with you that he or she can tell when something is wrong before even you express your feelings. No matter what you are going through that person is holding your hand and is never letting go. You trust your mate with your life and you would do anything for him or her. You don't hide anything from your true love, your an open book to your mate. It's a freeing experience because you have nothing to hide from that person and you start understanding what is really unconditional love. A love that comes from a pure place; your heart. You love each other without any conditions. You don't say to your mate, "if you clean your mess, I'll love you, or if you shower me with gifts I'll love you more, or if you treat me better I'll love you. " true love comes from within you fall in love with the spirit, mind, heart and soul of that person. It's really a soul connection. And you feel free because your mate is loving you for who you are as a person not what you do, or where you are in your life, or how much money you have. You find true love or true love finds you when you are true to yourself and to others. I hope that in this lifetime you find your true love that will hold your hand and never let go.

    Added Date - Mar 21, 2014

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  • Sometimes Life Is About Risking Everything For A Dream No One Can See But You.

    Added Date - Dec 17, 2014

    risk taking quotes

    We all have dreams. We all have that perfect life that we want to live coming from our visions. And for that to happen, for you to achieve your dreams...

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  • I'm not perfect but I'm loyal.

    Added Date - Jul 20, 2014

    being loyal quotes

    What is to be loyal? Loyal is giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution. You don't need to be perfect to be...

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